Joe Pickett Books In Order: Up To Date 2023

Introduction to Joe Pickett Series

As a bibliophile, there are few pleasures in life that surpass the thrill of delving into a well-written series in the correct sequence, like the Joe Pickett books in order, particularly when it boasts a lovable character as its protagonist. One such unforgettable character is Joe Pickett, the star of C.J. Box’s highly acclaimed book series. So who is Joe Pickett, you might ask? Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on an incredible literary journey through the Joe Pickett books in order.

Understanding Joe Pickett: The Character

At first glance, Joe Pickett might come across as an ordinary Wyoming game warden. But as you dive deeper into the books, you will unravel a character that is anything but ordinary. With a strong moral compass, Joe’s tenacity in the face of danger is as formidable as his love for his family and the wild Wyoming terrain.

The Literary Genius behind Joe Pickett: C.J. Box

About C.J. Box

C.J. Box, the mastermind behind the captivating Joe Pickett series, is an award-winning author renowned for his rich storytelling. With every twist and turn, Box entices his readers into the alluring wilderness of Wyoming and the equally wild life of Joe Pickett.

The Enthralling Joe Pickett Series

Brief overview of the series

The Joe Pickett series, consisting of 20 books, serves up a thrilling blend of mystery, adventure, and drama. The narrative skillfully intertwines the personal and professional life of Joe Pickett, presenting a unique perspective of his world through his eyes.

Exploring the Joe Pickett Series in Order

1. Open Season (2001)

joe pickett open season

The debut novel introduces Joe Pickett, a dedicated game warden in the wild terrains of Wyoming. He stumbles upon a local hunting outfitter dead in his backyard, leading him into a dangerous investigation, uncovering a potential species thought to be extinct.

2. Savage Run (2002)

joe pickett savage run

When a well-known environmental activist is found dead, Joe Pickett is led into the path of a deadly assassin. As Pickett unravels the mystery behind the activist’s death, he realizes that his own life might also be in danger.

3. Winterkill (2003)

joe pickett winterkill

A dead elk and a dead body show up on the Pickett’s property. Joe Pickett is soon drawn into a conflict involving a group of dangerous anarchists and a standoff ensues, testing Joe’s resolve to the limit.

4. Trophy Hunt (2004) 

joe pickett trophy hunt

Strange things are happening in Twelve Sleep, Wyoming, where the population of a species of deer is decreasing at a concerning rate. Joe Pickett investigates these strange occurrences and discovers more than he bargained for.

5. Out of Range (2005) 

joe pickett out of range

Joe Pickett is sent to investigate the supposed suicide of a fellow game warden. He quickly realizes that things don’t add up, leading him into a dark web of lies, secrets, and deadly consequences.

6. In Plain Sight (2006) 

joe pickett in plain sight

The ranching community in Saddlestring, Wyoming is up in arms when a wealthy landowner is killed. As Joe Pickett probes the murder, he discovers a deep-seated grudge that puts his own family in peril.

7. Free Fire (2007) 

joe pickett free fire

In this installment, Joe Pickett heads to Yellowstone National Park to investigate a mass killing and its connection to Joe’s past. Here, Joe finds himself at odds with a potential murderer who might walk away free due to the legal peculiarities of the park.

8. Blood Trail (2008) 

joe pickett blood trail

The state’s game wardens have been one by one targeted by a vicious killer. As Joe Pickett is drawn into the investigation, he must follow the blood trail to unmask the perpetrator and bring them to justice.

9. Below Zero (2009)

joe pickett below zero

Joe Pickett’s past returns to haunt him when he receives a call from a woman who’s supposedly been dead for years. As he follows the chilling trail, he uncovers a dangerous plot that risks lives.

10. Nowhere to Run (2010) 

joe pickett nowhere to run

Joe Pickett’s peaceful day is shattered when he’s viciously attacked by two men. As he investigates who they are and why they targeted him, he uncovers a secret that could cost him everything.

11. Cold Wind (2011)

joe pickett cold wind

When Joe Pickett’s father-in-law is found dead, Joe is the prime suspect. With a determined murderer out to frame him and a cold wind sweeping across the terrain, Joe must unravel this chilling mystery to clear his name.

12. Force of Nature (2012) 

joe pickett force of nature

This book delves into the life of Nate Romanowski, Joe’s close friend. Wanted by the federal government, Nate becomes the target of a nationwide manhunt led by an enigmatic figure tied to Nate’s past.

13. Breaking Point (2013)

jow pickett breaking point

Joe Pickett finds himself in the middle of a battle when his friend Butch Robertson is suspected of killing two EPA employees. As Joe tries to prove Butch’s innocence, he finds himself in the crosshairs of a deadly conspiracy.

14. Stone Cold (2014)

joe pickett stone cold

Joe Pickett is sent on a mission to discover the truth about a wealthy ranch owner suspected of six murders. As Joe gets closer to the truth, he realizes the man is more dangerous than he ever imagined.

15. Endangered (2015)

joe pickett endangered

When Joe’s daughter is discovered in a ditch, badly beaten, Joe Pickett sets out on a quest to find the perpetrator. However, his investigation leads him to a truth that is far more complex and dangerous than he expected.

16. Off The Grid (2016)

jow pickett off the grid

Nate Romanowski, off the grid and under the radar, is coerced by government agents into a mission that pulls him into the dangerous world of domestic terror. Meanwhile, Joe Pickett must deal with a potential act of terror that may be occurring on his turf.

17. Vicious Circle (2017)

joe pickett vicious circle

The past comes back to haunt Joe Pickett and his family with the return of a vengeful figure. When a local is found dead, Joe Pickett must race against time to save his family and bring the culprit to justice.

18. The Disappeared (2018)

joe pickett the disappeared

Joe Pickett is hired to find a high-profile female British executive who vanished during a vacation in Wyoming. As he digs deeper into the case, he stumbles onto sinister facts that may put his life and those of his loved ones in danger.

19. Wolf Pack (2019)

joe pickett wolf pack

When unknown drones start harassing wildlife – and a controversial female game warden – in Wyoming, Joe Pickett is tasked with finding their source. However, his mission uncovers a deadly conspiracy that reaches far beyond his small town.

20. Long Range (2020)

joe pickett long range

A local judge is shot at from an incredibly long distance, and Joe Pickett’s friend Nate is the prime suspect. As he works to clear Nate’s name, he uncovers a dark and deadly plot that puts everyone he cares about at risk.

21. Dark Sky (2021)

joe pickett dark sky

In this 21st installment, Joe Pickett leads a tech baron on an elk hunting trip in Wyoming, only to be pursued by a vengeful man-hunter. With no weapons, Joe must rely on his wilderness skills, while his friend Nate and daughter Sheridan follow, culminating in a thrilling showdown.

22. Shadows Reel

joe pickett shadows reel

Joe Pickett investigates a brutal murder linked to a Nazi artifact, while his wife Marybeth unravels its mysterious past. Meanwhile, Nate Romanowski seeks revenge for his stolen falcons and an attack on his wife, culminating in a dramatic confrontation.

23. Storm Watch

joe pickett storm watch

Joe Pickett discovers a mutilated body of a missing professor, but his investigation is thwarted by external forces. Simultaneously, Nate Romanowski faces a moral dilemma with local activists. Their parallel paths hint at a conflict between the two friends as they navigate through personal and political storms.

24. Three-Inch Teeth (Pre-Order)

joe pickett three-inch teeth

A vengeful Dallas Cates is released from prison, targeting those responsible for his downfall, including Joe Pickett and Nate Romanowski. Concurrently, a rogue grizzly bear wreaks havoc, killing Joe’s daughter’s fiancée. Cates leverages the bear attacks, creating violence identical to the animal’s rampages to methodically exact his revenge.


The Unforgettable Moments in Joe Pickett Series

Over the course of the series, there are numerous memorable moments – from intense confrontations to tender family scenes, each adding a new layer to Joe’s character and the narrative as a whole.

The Recurring Themes in Joe Pickett Books

The series skillfully explores themes of family, duty, and morality. The portrayal of Joe’s relationship with his family adds a touching emotional depth to the series, while the various dilemmas he faces underscores the importance of integrity and duty.

Why you should read the Joe Pickett Books in order

Reading the Joe Pickett books in order allows you to experience Joe’s journey chronologically, offering a deeper understanding of his character development and the overarching narrative. Each book builds upon the previous, setting the stage for a richer and more immersive reading experience.

Where to start if you’re new to the series?

For new readers, the best place to start would be the first book, “Open Season.” This allows you to understand the genesis of Joe Pickett, setting the perfect backdrop for the rest of the series.

Conclusion: The Magic of Joe Pickett Series

As a fervent reader, I can affirm that the Joe Pickett series by C.J. Box is a unique blend of suspense, drama, and emotional depth. From the riveting plotlines to the well-crafted characters, the series has a charm that is hard to resist. So, if you’re in for an exhilarating literary adventure, the Joe Pickett series is just the ticket.


How many books are there in the Joe Pickett series?

There are 20 books in the series, starting with “Open Season” and concluding with “Long Range.”

Who is Joe Pickett?

Joe Pickett is the protagonist of C.J. Box’s series. He’s a Wyoming game warden known for his unwavering commitment to truth and justice.

Why should I read the Joe Pickett books in order?

Reading the series in order offers a richer understanding of the character development and the overarching narrative.

Should I start if I’m new to the series?

It’s best to start with the first book, “Open Season,” to understand the genesis of Joe Pickett.

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